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The singing floating pasta timer battles over- and undercooked pasta. Boil the little mobster with your pasta and wait until he starts to sing. Plays four fun tunes for various pasta types.

Al Dente - the singing floating pasta timer

Cooking pasta is the easiest thing in the world - until you forget to look at the clock or try a different type of pasta. Then the pasta quickly becomes mushy or too hard. Generally, such a mishap always happens at the most inconvenient moments, for example, when the in-laws are visiting. Al Dente, the pasta pot mafioso, is here to fight against overcooked or undercooked pasta. Simply cook him in the pot with the noodles and he'll remind you when it's time to drain them. This way, you won't stress about cooking pasta anymore.

The singing pasta timer - that's Al Dente

Al Dente ensures that your pasta is perfectly cooked like in a restaurant at every meal. The singing pasta pot mafioso is simply cooked with the noodles and belts out thematically appropriate songs from the pot at the right time. This way, the pasta is perfectly al dente - not too soft and not too hard. With four different melodies, it covers the four most common cooking times for pasta: 3 minutes, 7 minutes, 9 minutes, and 11 minutes. The days of using a phone timer or constantly trying the noodles because you forgot the timer are over. Let Al Dente remind you and take care of the important things in the meantime.

How the singing pasta cooker works

Al Dente, the pasta timer for noodles with bite from Brainstream, is as simple as it is ingenious. An integrated temperature sensor detects when the water has reached boiling point and automatically starts a timer for the perfect cooking time of the pasta. You can use any pot you like: stainless steel or coated. This is how you can cook perfect pasta in a straightforward way:

1. Put Al Dente together with the noodles in the water. Important: always add the pasta to the pot when the water is already boiling. This is the only way it can be cooked perfectly and al dente.

2. Cook the pasta together with the pasta pot mafioso until the corresponding melody plays. For different types of pasta, he plays different melodies to signal that they are al dente.

3. Once the appropriate melody plays, drain the noodles in a strainer. Rinse Al Dente with cold water. This signals to him that the cooking process is complete, and he doesn't need to play any more melodies.

4. Now you can enjoy the perfectly cooked pasta.

Cooking pasta with Al Dente - just like the Italians

Cooking pasta can quickly become a science. Depending on the type of pasta, different cooking times are necessary, as well as the quantity and whether it is fresh or dried pasta. We would like to give a brief overview of the most common ways of cooking pasta and show how Al Dente can help you as an accessory.

When are the noodles done?

In general, noodles are considered done when they are al dente. Al dente is the Italian term for "to the tooth." The noodles should not be too soft because they will fall apart, but not too hard either.

How long should each type of pasta be cooked?

Depending on the type of pasta, the cooking time varies. In general, the thinner the pasta, the shorter it needs to be cooked. Our pasta cooker can display the most common cooking times for pasta:

3 Minute Pasta:

For example, Capellini, the thinnest Italian pasta, even thinner than spaghetti, only needs to be cooked for three minutes. However, even homemade pasta often only needs a few minutes to cook since it is already soft. When you hear Dean Martin's classic "That's Amore," the Capellini is ready.

7 Minute Pasta:

Classic spaghetti, for example, should be cooked for seven minutes so that it is not too soft or too hard. Once the theme song from "The Godfather" plays, the spaghetti is ready.

9 Minute Pasta:

Tagliatelle, a variation of classic ribbon noodles, for example, require nine minutes of cooking time. They are relatively thick and therefore need more time in the pot to avoid becoming too hard. When you hear the classic melody "Tarantella Napoletana," nine minutes have passed.

11 Minute Pasta:

Fusilli, also known as spiral noodles, take the longest to cook due to their thickness. Stuffed pasta such as ravioli or tortellini also require approximately this cooking time - sometimes even longer. You can recognize the last stage by the classic melody "Prisoner's Chorus."

After cooking - should pasta be rinsed with cold water?

This question is debated among many people. Some people swear by rinsing their pasta with cold water before eating, while others see this process as a grossly negligent mistake when cooking pasta. To calm the minds, we would like to give a fundamental tip on the topic of rinsing: if there is a risk of the noodles sticking together, they should be briefly rinsed. If they are to be used in a salad that is served cold, rinsing is recommended. If they are served directly with sauce, rinsing is usually not necessary.

Why cook pasta with the Brainstream pasta cooker?

There are numerous reasons why Al Dente, the pasta cooker from Brainstream, should not be missing as an accessory in any kitchen.

Less stress while cooking

If noodles are just a side dish for a meal, things can get stressful at the stove. The meat has to be browned, the vegetables steamed, and the sauce needs to be stirred regularly. If you still have to keep track of the cooking time for the pasta, you are a real multitasking talent. Al Dente takes the stress out of the kitchen with its musical accompaniments.

No more guessing about cooking time

Each type of pasta requires a different cooking time. Therefore, it is almost impossible to cook pasta without regularly checking the time. You can certainly develop a feeling for cooking time, but hardly for four different types. Often, cooking pasta becomes a guessing game of how much time has passed. Al Dente puts an end to the guessing.

More fun with thematically appropriate melodies

Cooking should be fun, not stressful. Al Dente provides the extra dose of fun in cooking with its classic Italian melodies - and the noodles taste even better, just like in an Italian restaurant.

Noodles or eggs? Cook them perfectly with Brainstream!

Al Dente follows a similar principle to our PiepEi by singing to the desired degree of doneness for pasta. Unlike the singing pot mafioso, PiepEi is not responsible for noodles but for the perfect hardness of breakfast eggs. It replaces the classic egg timer with melodies to suit your taste - whether it's 80s music, rock, or classical music. Experience not only a stress-free dinner with excellently cooked pasta but also a cozy breakfast with the family. See for yourself! Shipping is, of course, punctual for your next family meal.