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plant deluxe bowl / sage

Made of plant-based PLA Material
100% BPA and Melamine free
Neutral in taste
Microwave (with opened lid only) and dishwasher safe
Separate storage containers: 1x 22 oz. / 2x 6.8 oz. / 1x 1.2 oz.
Includes cutlery set
Weight: 13.38 in oz.
Dimensions: 7.09” L x 6.50” W x 3.54” H


Keep your meals organized and mess-free. The innovative design features a lid with convenient handles, making it leak proof and easy to open and close. Plus, the interior partitioning includes separate storage containers for you to stay organized. Our sustainable food storage solution also comes with a cutlery set consisting of a fork and spoon, making it easy to enjoy your meals on-the-go.
Separate storage containers:
1x 22oz (650 ml)
2x 6.8oz (200 ml)
1x 1.2oz (35 ml)
The plant deluxe bowl can be microwaved (only with the lid opened) and is dishwasher safe.
A smart solution, being functional, beautiful and sustainable all at one. Made with plant based, recyclable and industrially compostable PLA material, the plant deluxe bowl is perfect for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint. A small step in making the world a greener place, one meal at a time! 100% BPA and Melamine free.
Due to chic.mic’s commitment to compensate carbon emissions from the production process through climate certificates, the plant deluxe bowl is a climate positive product.