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The gentle way to get to the yolk. Multifunctional cregg opens your boiled egg with style. Also makes a great eggcup.
The gentle way to get to the yolk. Multifunctional cregg opens your boiled egg with style. Also makes a great eggcup.
The gentle way to get to the yolk. Multifunctional cregg opens your boiled egg with style. Also makes a great eggcup.
The gentle way to get to the yolk. Multifunctional cregg opens your boiled egg with style. Also makes a great eggcup.
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Cregg - The multifunctional egg cracker

Cracking eggs can quickly become a science. Depending on the hardness of the egg, you have to crack it with a knife so that the yolk runs out or you have to painstakingly remove the smallest pieces of the shell with your fingers. To make matters worse, you also end up without an egg cup. Cregg puts an end to all the problems surrounding the egg-cracking topic. It is the fine way to open eggs. Not only that - Cregg is an egg cracker, egg cup, and napkin ring all in one.

The fine art of cracking a boiled egg - that's Cregg

Gone are the days when you had to open your boiled egg with a knife or spoon just to be able to fish out bits of shell from the yolk. Cregg is small, light, and uncomplicated - and opens your boiled egg in the fine way. The plastic egg cracker has cutting rings that make it easy to open the egg - without a spoon or knife. With the egg cracker from Brainstream, there are no more shell fragments left on the hard-boiled egg or in the soft yolk. You can enjoy your boiled egg immediately because Cregg also functions as an egg cup. Simply place the egg in the opening after cracking it.

Simple yet ingenious - how the egg cracker works

The eggshell break point causer - one of the longest words in the German language - ensures that your egg is quickly opened with a quick pull. However, you still often need a knife to be able to remove the top part of the egg. Unlike the classic eggshell break point causer made of stainless steel, at Brainstream, we didn't just choose the shorter word "egg cracker." With Cregg, you also don't need any additional tools to open your boiled egg. Here's how it works:

Place Cregg with the cutting rings on the egg you want to crack.

Gently press the egg opener against the egg and turn it.

You can now remove the top part of the egg from the rest.

Use Cregg as an egg cup and enjoy your boiled egg.

Why this egg cracker should not be missing in any household

Cregg is light.

The practical kitchen aid is particularly light. Unlike devices made of stainless steel, Cregg comes with small cutting wheels and convinces with its lightweight plastic. This means it can also easily provide the perfect boiled egg as a companion on vacation.

Cregg takes up little space.

Cregg is not only light but also small. The minimalist design ensures that it can be stored in any drawer in the home kitchen and fits into any cooler bag on the way to vacation. With our egg cracker, you can even do away with egg cups.

Cregg can do more than just crack eggs.

Even though opening boiled eggs is Cregg's main function, it has much more to offer. Once the egg is open, you can simply place the egg inside and transform the egg cracker into an egg cup. If you want your breakfast to be extra cozy, Cregg also functions as a napkin holder.

Cregg is multifunctional - this is what our egg cracker can do

Cregg is small and light. However, it has a lot to offer: these are the functions of our product.

Egg cracking – the most important thing for your breakfast egg

With Cregg, you can crack your breakfast egg as effortlessly as ever before. You don't need a knife, spoon, or any other utensils with this egg opener. Simply place the egg on it, turn it, and lift it up - the egg is now cracked and ready to be enjoyed.

Egg cracked? Cregg is also an egg cup!

When your egg is cracked, you often lack the appropriate egg cup. This is no longer a problem with Cregg. Simply place the stylishly opened egg in it and use the egg cracker as an egg cup.

Looking for table decorations? Use Cregg as a napkin ring!

During breakfast with family or friends, decorative elements and napkins are often used. To keep Cregg from just lying on the table, you can also use it as a napkin ring.

The ingenious egg opener for every situation

We developed Cregg to put an end to the annoying cracking and cutting of eggs. Too often, shell ends up in the egg or it takes forever to peel the egg without any residue. The egg cracker can be used in various categories and areas of life.

At home for family breakfasts:

The classic place to use Brainstream's egg cracker is at the breakfast table at home. Anyone who eats boiled eggs regularly or occasionally faces the problem of wanting to peel or crack the egg as residue-free as possible. As a practical kitchen helper in everyday life, Cregg should not be missing in any household!

On vacation in a holiday apartment:

Cregg is also a loyal companion on vacation. When driving to a holiday home, many things have to be taken along that are not needed for a hotel vacation and that quickly fill up the car faster than planned. Due to its compact design, Cregg takes up hardly any space and fits into any full bag.


Space is an even bigger factor on a camping vacation than in a holiday home. However, many people do not want to do without their breakfast egg. Cregg offers the optimal solution for cracking pre-cooked eggs from the supermarket without any residue. There is room for it in any bag.

During lunch breaks at the office:

If you want to prepare your salad fresh during your lunch break and use hard-boiled eggs for it, you also face the problem of cracking and peeling the egg. Cregg can be easily stored in your work bag and ensures that you don't waste any time when preparing your lunch.

Not only multifunctional but also individual

The products and categories at Brainstream should not only be functional - they should also have style. That's why the Cregg egg cracker is available in numerous colors - all at the same price. Whether in classic black or white, bright red, or spring-like lime: our egg cracker is available in every color taste.

Make your life easier and fight the problems around egg cracking. Knives and spoons are a thing of the past with the Cregg egg opener. Simply place the egg on it, turn it, and lift it up - and you can enjoy the perfectly cracked breakfast egg - whether at home, in a holiday apartment, or at the office. Even the egg cup is immediately within reach!