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drip.line / Grey

The multifunctional kitchen helper for all problems around the sink.

Length: 12.8" – 22.2" (extendable)
Width: 2.4"
Weight: 0.22 lbs.
Material: Silicone + stainless steel
Inventor: Susanne Richter (SanniShoo)



What to do with all that damp stuff around the sink? Everyone knows the infamous bacterially matured cleaning rag – the prime bacterial incubator in your home.
drip.line offers a clever solution to the problem of damp rags, brushes, sponges and the like lying around. The expandable kitchen aid fits over every sink and offers rags and alike a hygienic place to store and dry out.
But drip.line is much more than just a dishcloth holder. It is ideal for draining – whether freshly washed salad, cooked rice or delicious pasta. Simply position the strainer between the sink and the drip.line and you get an ideal hold. Drip.line is also extremely practical as a trivet. A simple idea, but one that can do a lot.
It’s not only us and our customers who are convinced by drip.line. In 2018, it also convinced the jury of a well-known inventor show on German-speaking television.
Where to put all the wet stuff? drip.line is the solution for almost all problems around the sink. Be it damp rags, brushes or sponges. Also great for draining washed and cooked food.
From damp to dry. Smart solutions for everyday problems. A clever gadget for draining and drying stuff in the sink. Get your bottles dry with drip.it
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