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The elegant way to enjoy your boiled egg. A design as reduced as the egg shape itself. Metal-made, stackable, powder-coated and dishwasher safe.
The elegant way to enjoy your boiled egg. A design as reduced as the egg shape itself. Metal-made, stackable, powder-coated and dishwasher safe.
The elegant way to enjoy your boiled egg. A design as reduced as the egg shape itself. Metal-made, stackable, powder-coated and dishwasher safe.
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rocket – the metal egg cup

Eating boiled eggs for breakfast is a weekend ritual in many households. It is an essential part of the breakfast table. Whether soft-boiled, medium, or hard-boiled, the perfect egg cup is a must-have. There are many options available, such as porcelain, plastic, stainless steel, silicone, or bamboo egg cups. With rocket, there is now a metal egg cup, which is probably the most elegant way to enjoy breakfast eggs. Discover the egg cup without a cup for yourself!

The egg cup without a cup

Rocket is the egg cup that does not require a cup. Its design is as minimalist, logical, simple, and reduced as the egg itself. Holding a boiled egg requires nothing more than a ring that sits on three legs, providing the greatest stability for your boiled egg. The egg cup, which holds the breakfast egg in the form of a stool, is made of metal. It is shatterproof and dishwasher safe. To prevent the egg cups from taking up too much space in the kitchen cabinet, they can be stacked like real stools. They can also be used as decorative elements in the kitchen, as their vintage look is a real eye-catcher.

What makes the metal egg cup so special

There are several factors that set rocket apart from a classic egg cup. It is probably the most elegant way to enjoy breakfast eggs.

It has style

Rocket is not just an egg cup - it is an elegant egg holder with a vintage look. This look even made it a winner of the "Focus Open 2013 Silver Winner" design award in 2013. Its minimalist design clearly stands out from classic egg cups. However, the colorful metal coatings provide a great color accent on the breakfast table and in the home kitchen.

It is shatterproof

The problem with egg cups is that they can break easily. If you are briefly distracted, the egg cup and egg can fall to the ground, and you will have a lot of work to do cleaning up the mess. With rocket, broken cups are a thing of the past. The metal is shatterproof, and the color is protected - rocket is produced using the zinc die-casting process in Germany. The powder coating ensures that the color cannot peel off - neither during cleaning in the dishwasher nor if the egg cup falls to the ground.

It is easy to care for

The metal egg cup is not only shatterproof, but also particularly easy to care for. Due to its minimalist design, there are not many places where it can get dirty anyway. Nevertheless, rocket can be cleaned in the dishwasher or simply wiped with a cloth after use. One thing is certain: the color will stay where it belongs, even in the dishwasher.

It saves space

Many types of egg cups take up a lot of space in the kitchen cabinet, as they can only stand next to each other and have an impractical design. Rocket is different - the egg cups without a cup can be easily stacked, just like classic stools. This way, egg cups for the entire family and additional guests can easily fit into the kitchen cabinet. If space becomes tight, you can simply use rocket as a decoration in the kitchen or in other rooms.

It is colorful

Rocket provides a stylish, colorful accent on the breakfast table. Its clear colors make it a real eye-catcher. Whether in classic white or black or in spring-like shades such as turquoise or lime - the metal egg cup is available according to your taste.

The egg holder is versatile

The classic place for our metal egg cup is, of course, the breakfast table at home. But rocket is also perfect as a gift for long-standing customers, as a present for breakfast with friends or on vacation.

rocket for personal use

Our rocket egg cup without a cup is a real upgrade for any breakfast table. Whether in a single-family home, in a student apartment, in a camper, or in a shared flat - rocket makes breakfast something special everywhere. The minimalist vintage design not only turns rocket into an egg cup, but also adds that certain something to the dining table. Since the egg holders are stackable, they take up hardly any space in the kitchen cabinet.

rocket as a gift

Our metal egg cup is perfect as a gift. The material, feel, and design make rocket a high-quality egg cup. You can bring the product, for example, as a small gift to the long-awaited breakfast with family or friends. It's not just a gift that looks nice and valuable - the egg cup is practical and can be used right away at the shared breakfast. The shipping can also be done directly in a practical set of multiple egg cups - in red and white, but also very elegant with a lacquered antique gold finish.

rocket on vacation

Rocket is also ideal for use on vacation. Since the cups are easy to care for, stackable, and not bothered by a bumpy car ride, they can accompany you to any vacation home. So you don't have to do without your breakfast egg even on vacation.

Variety in the kitchen with "rocket"

Rocket, the egg cup without a cup, is guaranteed to provide variety in the kitchen and on the dining table. Its elegant vintage design makes it a real eye-catcher at every breakfast. The form language is as simple, plain, and logical as the egg itself - nothing more is needed for the perfect ambience at breakfast.

Rocket is particularly distinguished by its quality. The metal is powder-coated so that the color cannot flake off - neither in the dishwasher nor due to a fall. The bright colors of the egg holder do their part to make the breakfast egg a very special highlight.

Of course, a perfectly cooked egg also belongs to an elegant egg cup. Do you sometimes despair that the breakfast egg is too soft one day and too hard the next? Here, too, we have developed a solution with our "PiepEi." It reliably informs you when the breakfast egg has reached the desired level of hardness - and plays music from a variety of categories.