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drip.it+ Bottle-drainer

The smart solution for almost all problems around the sink.

Length: 12.8" - 22.2" (extendable)
Width: 4.1"
Weight: 0.79 lbs.

Stainless steel insert included
Material: Silicone + Stainless steel
Inventor: Susanne Richter (SanniShoo)



Wet bottles which will not dry properly, damp dishcloths turning into germ monsters and fresh cooked pasta stewing its own juice. Get over it with drip.it+.

Everyone knows this rag that is meant to bring you hygiene but turns into a damp germ spinner. Or the reusable bottle, which is great for the wallet and the environment, but has its “thing” with drying properly. Every day issues around the sink.

drip.it+ offers solutions for all of those problematic „draining scenarios“. Its flexible stainless steel tray makes it a perfect mobile and easy to store draining station for bottles. From glass bottles to modern thermos flasks and even baby bottles. It holds up to three bottles and its silicone rings prevent scratches on the bottles.

drip.it+ is also great for draining fresh washed salad or cooked pasta in a strainer. No more “stewing in its own juice” kind of situations anymore.

From bottles to damp rags, dishcloths, brushes and sponges to the reusable beeswax cloth. The expandable kitchen gadget fits every sink and offers your rags a hygienic place to sit and dry and reduces the germ spread in your kitchen.

A simple idea, but a true jack-of-all-trades in practice.

Where to put all the wet stuff? drip.line is the solution for almost all problems around the sink. Be it damp rags, brushes or sponges. Also great for draining washed and cooked food.