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The clever bottle cleaner. bottle.buddy is the perfect solution for cleaning bottles, thermal mugs, sensitive glasses or children's and baby bottles. With a length of 35 cm, the stylish silicone brush finds its way...
In a space-saving cube design, dri.cube is the smart draining aid for many applications. Whether bottles of any size to be drained, cutlery or other kitchen utensils. Whatever you want to get from wet to dry. All six...
In a space-saving cube design, dri.cube is the smart draining aid for many applications. Whether bottles of any size to be drained, cutlery or other kitchen utensils. Whatever you want to get from wet to dry. All six...
From damp to dry. Smart solutions for everyday problems. A clever gadget for draining and drying stuff in the sink. Get your bottles dry with drip.it
From damp to dry. Smart solutions for every day problems in the sink. A clever gadget for draining and drying stuff in the sink. Fits almost every reusable bottle type, soda-maker & co.
Where to put all the wet stuff? drip.line is the solution for almost all problems around the sink. Be it damp rags, brushes or sponges. Also great for draining washed and cooked food.
Where to put all the wet stuff? drip.line is the solution for almost all problems around the sink. Be it damp rags, brushes or sponges. Also great for draining washed and cooked food.
Where to put all the wet stuff? drip.line is the solution for almost all problems around the sink. Be it damp rags, brushes or sponges. Also great for draining washed and cooked food.

drip.line – the smart sink organizer

Washing and drying dishes can quickly become a real challenge. The just wrung-out cloth falls back into the sink, the brush is always in the way, and there is nowhere to drain pots and lids. The results are often puddles and chaos. drip.line puts an end to these everyday problems. The smart organizer for the sink not only offers space for drying cloths, brushes, and other dishwashing utensils, but it is also the perfect support for drying lids and offers some other practical functions related to cooking and washing.

Make your sink an everyday hero – with drip.line

With the practical all-purpose rail drip.line, you can create order around your sink again. The sink organizer is not just a storage space for dishwashing utensils or dishes, you can also use it to drain after cooking or as a base for hot baking sheets, pans, and more. The rail is made of high-quality stainless steel and can be extended in length to fit perfectly to any sink. drip.line has a non-slip stand due to silicone – available in gray or blue depending on your preference. Thus, the rail can be placed anywhere without leaving scratches or other marks on your sink. Additionally, the rail can be expanded with additional accessories from our range, turning your kitchen into a real organizational wonder.

More than just a simple dishwashing organizer – that's what drip.line is

drip.line is a 4-in-1 sink organizer for your kitchen. As an all-purpose tool around the sink, it makes work in the kitchen easier and ensures that classic everyday problems are a thing of the past. Here are the functions that drip.line provides:

Space for drying dishwashing utensils

After washing dishes, it's often unclear where to put the used utensils. The cloth often ends up over the faucet, sponge and brush just lie next to the sink or in a cupboard underneath. In this way, neither the cloth nor the sponge and brush can dry optimally. drip.line offers enough space for your dishwashing utensils, so they can dry easily in the air.

Space for drying dishes

When washing pots and their lids, the required space for the wet objects is often missing. If you simply place them on the countertop next to the sink, they won't dry properly as the water inside will remain. drip.line is the ideal aid for drying dishes. Both the pot and lid can be placed on the rail and can drain easily into the sink.

Help with draining or rinsing

Even when cooking, you often face challenges in the kitchen. Salad and vegetables need to be washed and drained afterwards, and noodles and cooked vegetables should be rinsed when they are done. Often, a third hand is missing: holding the pot while turning on the faucet can be difficult. With drip.line, you can simply hang your colander in the sink, rinse the noodles, and then let them drain.

Sturdy base for baking sheets

Who doesn't know the situation: you just took the finished cake out of the oven and can't find a place to put the hot sheet. Here too, drip.line provides a solution. It replaces classic bases and offers enough space for an entire baking sheet. The baking sheet only rests on a few points due to the rails, so it can cool down faster.

Cooking and washing on the go? No problem with drip.line!

On vacation, for example in a holiday apartment or a motorhome, space for washing up and drying can be limited. Many vacationers therefore postpone these tasks as far as possible. This is where our drip.line sink organizer comes in. You can easily take it with you wherever you go! Thanks to its minimalist design made of stainless steel and silicone, drip.line is not only practical for every kitchen, but also space-saving and easy to transport. You can use the practical dishwashing organizer almost anywhere.

The classic version - in the domestic kitchen

drip.line can be easily integrated into everyday life. Thanks to its minimalist design, it fits into any kitchen and matches the color of any sink - whether it's white, gray or black. If you prefer not to permanently place the useful kitchen helper at the sink, you can of course also store it easily. drip.line takes up hardly any space and can be stored in any kitchen cabinet. Thanks to the silicone attachments, you don't have to worry about the dishwashing organizer leaving scratches or other residues on the sink or in the cabinet.

For more relaxation on vacation - in the holiday apartment

Holiday apartments often have only a small kitchen where the essentials for the vacation can be stored. There is rarely enough space for a sink with sufficient space for laying and draining. Therefore, drip.line can make the vacation in the holiday apartment much more relaxed. The everyday helper can be easily transported in your luggage. You can easily let your pots and dishwashing utensils dry while you are exploring the surroundings.

For a little more luxury when camping

Washing up and drying can also become a real problem when camping. Unless you own a fully equipped kitchen in a motorhome, you often have even less space for washing up than in a holiday apartment. Often a large bowl has to suffice. To avoid having to place the dishes on the floor, drip.line can also be taken camping. So washing up and drying no longer pose a challenge!

The perfect addition to the organized kitchen - drip.it

Not only pots or dishwashing utensils sometimes give us a headache in the kitchen. "Where can I dry my washed bottles?" and "Why does the sieve take up almost the entire drawer?" are familiar from everyday life. Here too, Brainstream provides the appropriate accessories to help: with drip.it.

drip.it is the perfect mobile drip tray for bottles of all kinds. Whether glass bottles, stainless steel bottles or baby bottles - simply place the washed bottle upside down in the drip tray and watch it dry by itself.

Not only we and our customers are enthusiastic about drip.line. In 2018, it also convinced the jury in a well-known inventor show. See for yourself now!

drip.it - the multifunctional bottle holder for drying

Glass and thermal bottles are becoming increasingly popular companions for many people. These bottles are reusable, thus being environmentally friendly, and do not contain harmful substances like traditional plastic bottles. However, in addition to their many positive aspects, reusable bottles also come with classic everyday problems. Not all bottles should be cleaned in the dishwasher. Instead, they should be washed by hand and allowed to dry thoroughly. However, problems can quickly arise during the drying process - where to put the washed bottle so that it does not tip over and still dries properly? The result often shows daring constructions in the sink to turn the bottles upside down. However, the solution could be so much simpler: drip.it solves this exact problem. The drip rack with a stainless steel insert offers enough space for bottles of all kinds and numerous other utensils. See for yourself!

Put an end to everyday problems surrounding washing and drying - with drip.it

As washing and drying different bottles can quickly become a challenge, we have developed drip.it. The drip rack features a stainless steel insert that can easily accommodate several bottles. Simply place your washed bottle upside down in the appropriate ring and don't worry about whether it will dry without residue or whether it might tip over. At the same time, with drip.it, you can store and dry your washing utensils. The bottle with dish soap, as well as the dish brush, can be placed in one of the rings, and the dishcloth can be simply hung over the bars. To ensure that drip.it can find a place in every kitchen, the construction is extendable with stainless steel and silicone, so it can be adjusted optimally to fit any sink.

Dry bottles of any kind effortlessly

With drip.it, you don't have to worry about drying your bottles anymore - whether it's the SodaStream Crystal glass bottle, thermal bottles, or baby bottles. Each of them can find its place in the drip rack. Different-sized rings ensure that even small bottles or bottle caps can be accommodated in the bottle holder.

Glass bottles

Glass bottles have gained popularity, especially since the great breakthrough of the SodaStream Crystal. Unlike the previous plastic version, they do not quickly become unsightly, can be easily washed in the dishwasher, and are surprisingly sturdy. However, even if these sustainable bottles can be washed in the dishwasher, they rarely dry properly there. Simply place your cleaned SodaStream Crystal bottles in drip.it after washing and don't worry about drying them anymore.

Thermal bottles

Thermal bottles have also experienced a real hype in recent years. Unlike other bottles, they keep drinks warm in winter and cold in summer. That's why they are particularly popular for on-the-go use. Many thermal bottles also have lids that can be converted into cups, allowing you to enjoy hot tea as if it were in a mug. But these bottles also present problems when drying on the dish rack. However, like glass bottles, they can easily find a place in the stainless steel insert of drip.it.

Baby bottles

Drinking bottles for the little ones are usually made of plastic or glass. The bottles require special hygiene, as the immune system of babies and toddlers is not yet fully developed. Therefore, care must also be taken during drying. With drip.it, enough fresh air enters the bottle during drying, so you can safely reuse it after washing.

More than just a bottle holder for drying - that's what drip.it can do

drip.it is more than just a drying rack where bottles can air dry. With the drip.it drying rack, you also benefit from many other functions that make it a real premium product.

The classic - drying bottles and dishwashing utensils

The most common use of drip.it is for dishwashing. Bottles and their corresponding lids can be placed in the pre-made grooves of different sizes. But there is also room for other dishes and utensils. If you don't need the bottle attachment at the moment, you can simply remove it and use the entire drip.it to dry pots and their corresponding lids. When you're done with washing, you can also hang the used cloth over the stainless steel rods to dry. Sponges, brushes, or detergent also have a place in the dish rack.

While cooking - drip.it as a draining rack

When cooking, one often faces the same problem: pasta needs to be rinsed and drained, or salad needs to be washed and drained before serving. Here too, drip.it provides a solution. Simply place the drip tray in the sink so that your strainer can be hooked in and take care of the rest of the tasks without any worries. By the way, we also have a solution for the kitchen strainer that takes up almost the entire drawer. sieb.up! is our foldable silicone strainer that fits perfectly into the design of drip.it and drip.line.

When serving - drip.it as a coaster

Once the food is ready, drip.it can also be used. Simply remove the stainless steel insert and place the hot pot, pan or casserole dish on the rods of the drip.it. You can use the top attachment as a second trivet. drip.it offers more space than the classic round trivet and provides the necessary heat protection for the table.

The perfect addition to any household - drip.it

The ongoing trend towards sustainable bottles is leading to some changes in households. Moving away from environmentally harmful plastic also means adapting to the cleaning and drying of reusable bottles. It is logical that this requires a restructuring of everyday cleaning habits. With drip.it, we aim to make this restructuring as uncomplicated as possible. The bottle holder for drying has enough compartments to dry several bottles including their lids, and is also multifunctional. You will also find space for your cleaning utensils such as the cloth, sponge, brush or detergent.

Simultaneously, drip.it also serves as a drain holder while cooking and as a coaster while serving. Since the bottle holder is extendable, it can be easily stored in any drawer or cabinet. When going on the annual family vacation to a holiday home or camper, drip.it is also an optimal addition for more flexibility and ease during your trip. See for yourself the multifunctional bottle holder for drying!